Acupuncture Services

Through the use of tiny disposable needles, acupuncture serves to guide your qi (life force) connecting pathways that circulate throughout your body. Together the practitioner and patient are engaged in the mutual role of facilitating healing.

What to expect at your visit?

During the first visit a thorough health history is collected and observation of the patient as a whole is noted. This includes observing the patients posture, coloring, personality, and voice. In addition the palpation of the pulse is observed, a traditional key diagnostic tool.

Treatments normally consist of acupuncture (acupressure is also available) with prescription for diet, exercise and an herbal prescription when deemed appropriate. The number and duration of visits recommended by the practitioner will be determined individually for each patient..

Acupuncture Treatment $80


  • 2 in 1 combo treatment
  • 1 hour massageĀ  and 1 hour Acupuncture $160.00
  • Treatment times include consultation


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